Topics of classes (18 hours)

Kinematics of translational and rotational movements Homework 1.
The dynamics of the translational motion Homework 2.
Energy and work Homework 3.
Dynamics of rotational motion Homework 4.
Mechanical oscillations  
Molecular structure of matter. Laws of ideal gases.   
Molecular-kinetic theory of gases. Physical bases of thermodynamics  
Electrostatics. Coulomb's law. Interaction of charged bodies. Field tension. Electrical displacement  

Potential. The energy of the system of electric charges. Work on moving the charge in the field of electric capacity.
Capacitors.The energy of a charged conductor. Energy of the electric field



Independent work of student (75 hours)


Number of hours

Inertia forces: centrifugal force and Coriolis force.

Gyroscope, gyroscopic effect, precession of the gyroscope. 4
Mathematical and physical pendulums. Beating the fluctuations. Self-oscillation Resonance. Parametric Resonance. Phase wave velocity. Doppler effect. 6
Special theory of relativity, Einstein's postulates. 4
Polytropic process. The second law of thermodynamics and its statistical nature. 4
Internal energy and heat capacity of ideal gases. 4
Electric dipole. A dipole in a homogeneous and heterogeneous field. 4
Ferroelectrics. Piezoelectric effect. 4
Preparing for knowledge controls 11
Preparation for the exam 30