The history of establishment and development of the Department of General Physics and Solid State Physics   

Department of Physics KPI was established as a part of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute together with its creation in 1898. Founder of the department was George de Metz.

Professor de Metz was an expert in the field of birefringence in mechanically and electrically deformable environments. He paid much attention to the methods of teaching physics.

The department began its work Dinnyk Alexander, later academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the Union, the founder of Ukrainian school of elasticity.

Since 1922 the Department of Physics headed Goldman Genrikhovich Alexander, later member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. On his initiative, the Department of Physics at the KPI in 1922 was established research laboratory of physics, which was soon transformed into the Research Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

For several years he worked in the department Vladimir Pavlovich Linnik, outstanding optics.

In the chair was Professor Leon Cardish, a theoretical physicist.

He studied the Zeeman effect, first in the KPI started reading a new course - a course of theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, published books and textbooks. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vadim Lashkarev well as their research and teaching career began at the Department of Physics KPI.

For several years he worked in the department corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professor Morgulis Naum, a renowned expert in the field of physical electronics.

In 1931, the KPI was divided into several independent institutions: in 1934, these institutions were again united in the KPI. Department of Physics at that time consisted of 7 people. 

During the Great Patriotic War, the KPI was evacuated to Tashkent. From the Department of the Soviet Army were N. Filipovic and A. Zhuravsky. A little later in the staff officer trooper entered veteran of World War, assistant Yurachkovskyy P., as well as other participants of the Great Patriotic War.

After reconstructing the institute in 1945 headed the physics department I. Faynerman. In 1948, the KPI was created in Engineering Physics Department. It was created by the Department of Theoretical Physics, headed by Academician A. Smirnov, an expert in the theory of metals. After the Engineering Physics department was disbanded, Department of Theoretical Physics entered the composition department of general physics.

In 1956 the Department of Physics headed by Prof. M. Kalabuhov known expert in the field of physics alkali-halogen crystals. Under the direction of Professor M. Kalabuhova and Professor M. Altai in the department was organized problem laboratory of semiconductors.

In 1973 he became Head of Department Professor M. Belous. His scholarly works include the theory of phase transitions in massive metal and thin films.

In 1982, the Department of Physics was divided into three departments: the Department of General and Experimental Physics (Head. Chair Professor Cherkashin V.), Department of General and Theoretical Physics (Head. Chair Professor Tronko V.) and the Department of Physics and solid State physics (Head. chair Professor Belous M.)

Since 1996, all these are part of the Department of physics and Mathematics "KPI".