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In "KPI" is a wide network of organizations that represent the interests of students organize their leisure, scientific research, protection of public interest.

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Sport in "Igor Sikorsky KPI"

The university adopted and implemented the program "On the organization of sports and recreation activities in "Igor Sikorsky KPI ", which aims to enhance the involvement of students to sports and recreational activities, improving the results of performances of national teams of the university in national competitions, increased motivation of student participation in such events.

Practical classes 14 sports are held once a week for students and third-rate. Students voluntarily choose as a sport and a teacher that meets the requirements of the Bologna process. Students with disabilities deal with special scientific and reasonable methods for special medical department chair of physical rehabilitation.

  • Athletic Gymnastics (light, heavy lifting)
  • Aerobics
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket: free, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, taekvando
  • Volleyball
  • shooting
  • Table tennis
  • Swimming
  • gymnastics
  • Tourism
  • Tennis
  • Shaping

In the curriculum also includes classes on the dam, rugby, archery, football, conducting teachers of the department of sports perfection.

The students of "KPI" after school have the opportunity to attend classes Sectional various sports at reduced prices due to the student trade union committee.

Every year the exhibition is "KPI" with 18 sports: swimming, athletics, basketball, chess, volleyball, football, table tennis, shaping, armsportu, boxing, etc. first game. In the CPI held international chess tournament involving famous grandmasters world class, together with the Federation th - Cup of Ukraine on the game first, a football tournament between student teams of Ukraine and Poland, Rector's Cup Futsal among student organizations NTU "KPI" and many other important large-scale events .

Tourism competition "Labyrinth" is traditionally held at the Kiev Sea twice a year.


Sports clubs Igor Sikorsky KPI

  • Mass became a chess club and a club game first, diving club "Atlantis" tourist club "Globe" and the club "Papa."
  • Rugby club «Polytechnic» (
  • Igor Sikorsky KPI hang-glider club "Altair"
  • Sports-technical club diving Igor Sikorsky KPI "Atlantis"
  • Club sports aerobics and fitness Igor Sikorsky KPI "Talisman"
  • Club "Polytech-boxing"
  • Tourist Club Igor Sikorsky KPI "Globe"
  • Tourist Club Igor Sikorsky KPI "SKIF"

Relax with Igor Sikorsky KPI


Available are four Igor Sikorsky KPI community recreation facilities to the maximum, "Mayak" "Globe", "Sosnovij" and "Polytechnic" who with the onset of warm ready to receive guests. The latter, incidentally, works even in winter.


Health Complex "Mayak" is located on the Black Sea in Lazurne (Kherson region, 90 km from the Kherson city). Clean sea, bright sun, sandy beaches await polytechnics. This is a true seaside resort. We can say that it is their own Igor Sikorsky KPI for the Canary Islands. So, pack your bags - train №102 "CPI - Lighthouse" is sent from the first track.


Mountain-sports camp "Globe" is located in Ivano-Frankivsk region on the border of the Carpathian National Park, not far (8 km) mountain Hoverla. Such colorful town has no universities in Ukraine. The magic of the local mountains and travels insurmountable, it just will not let go, and emotions of hiking lyshatsya long in the memory.


Students' health camp "Polytechnic" - it's just a great place. 40 km from Kyiv (p. Hlibovka, Kyiv region). You will find clean air of the pine forest, clean beach on the Kiev Sea. Would you like active rest - please. Football, volleyball, table tennis, billiards - all playing sports at your service.


Camp Holiday "Sosnovij" - this charming banks of the Dnieper in Kyiv. Ukrainian (Str.). Name of the database is consistent with its content: there is air infused with pine tart flavor. Besides pines grow here deciduous and fruit trees, incredibly beautiful during flowering - admire not stop looking. You can also catch goldfish and make a wish ...


Without exception, the recreation center open for faculty and staff (and their families), and for the students of Polytechnic University. Vouchers can be purchased for a few days ("Polytechnic", "Sosnovij"), and the complete change ( "Mayak", "Globe", "Polytechnic", "Sosnovij"). Flexible pricing makes the rest as accessible as possible.


For further information contact: Bldg. 1 room. 102; Tel. +38093-126-60-77, +38044-204-95-88