International scientific cooperation.

The Department of Physics and Solid State Physics is cooperation with foreign educational and research organizations.

- Ckarkson University, NY. Centre of Advance Material Processing - Development of high-catalysts based on platinum nanoholok and sintering problems in nanosystems under the cooperation agreement between "Igor Sikorsky KPI" and Clarkson University, which operates from 1 March 2018 Professor of Gorshkov V.M. enrolled as Research Professor at Clarkson University in May 2009.

- Los Alamos National Laboratory USA, NM -development methods for calculating the dynamics of nanosystems taking into account neadiabotychnostey, research in the field of optical kommunikatsiy in turbulent atmosphere.

Appropriate joint work carried out by prof. Gorshkov V.M.


Universities - partners:

University of Rome

University. Salerno

University. Naples

University of Bologna

University. Toronto

University. Lisbon

University. Barcelona

University. New York