Scientific cooperation with scientific institutions of NAS of Ukraine and branch academies of sciences of Ukraine .

The department conducts joint research with institutions of NASU.

The department conduct joint research in the institutes of the Academy National Academy of Sciences

The main scientific and pedagogical schools of General Physics and Solid State Physics:

  • phase transformations in metal alloys and thin films (Drozdenko O.V, Chyzhska T.G.)

  • physics wide-gap semiconductors (Rodionov V.M., Uzhva V.I., Hyenkin O.M.)

  • spin-dependent effects in ferromagnetic materials (Lysenko M.G., Kolesnikova E.P.)

  • computer methods of teaching general physics and physical courses (Gareeva F.M., Podlasov S.O.)

  • activization of independent work of students and the development of creative skills in the study of general physics course (Gareeva F.M., Pecherska T.V.)